September Pending...

I always seem to skip a month or two... not that anyone's reading this.

Star Wars Celebration VI was the best vacation ever. I really enjoyed myself, meeting online friends in person, partying inside Jabba the Hutt's guts, trooping, getting shot at, being the PR Officer of the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment of the 501st Legion... yes, it's no secret I'm a raging nerd.

Next up: Writing, writing, writing, and more writing.

My goals this Fall include:

  1. An "A" grade in my Effective Writing for IST course at Indiana U (ends Dec. 12).
  2. Completion by Sep. 30 of the revisions to my novel, Handler's Break.
  3. Final editing & submission to first potential agent by Nov. 1.
  4. 50,000 words of a new novel during NaNoWriMo (ends Nov. 30).
  5. At least getting started with my online copywriting courses.
  6. A working draft of an episodic or feature script for my husband to produce by Dec. 31.
Geez, I might have to slow down ALL the other hobbies to get through all this!

GOOD LUCK to me and to you...
"Nothing like a good blaster at your side."